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Tech-Info: Charger Intake Hoses

Charge air hoses must satisfy special requirements. Find out why charge air hoses fail and what VAICO experts recommend!




Charger intake hoses are an essential component of the charge air system. They guide the pre-compressed and heated air through the charge air cooler to the intake manifold.


  • Transport of pre-compressed and heated air
  • Process temperature fluctuations
  • Damping or buffering of vibrations
  • Motion and tolerance compensation enable
  • Resistant to ageing
  • be oil-resistant 
  • Engine check-light turns on
  • Loss of performance 
  • Loud running noise when accelerating  
Reasons for failure
  • Hoses are dirty with engine oil 
  • External damage due to abrasion 
  • Fatigue due to aging  
Consequential damages
  • Loss of performance  

Recommended by the experts:
  • Regularly check for external cracks 

  • Make sure that all hoses are installed in the proper mounting position

  • Regularly check for leaks in the turbocharger area 


Škoda | VW

Škoda Superb
VW Passat

X-Ref: 3B0 145 828 G V10-2697
Audi | Seat | Škoda | VW

Audi A3, TT
Seat Altea, Leon, Toledo
Škoda Octavia II, Superb II
VW Caddy, Golf V, Jetta, Touran

X-Ref: 1K0 145 832 B V10-2698
Audi | Seat | Škoda | VW

Audi A3
Seat Altea, Leon, Toledo
Škoda Octavia II, Superb II
VW Caddy, Eos, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Touran

X-Ref: 3C0 145 828 K V10-2870

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ab 06.06 –

X-Ref: 906 528 32 82 V30-1774

Mercedes-Benz C, S, W204, A, C207, S, W212, C, X218

X-Ref: 212 528 08 82 V30-2238
Citroën | Fiat | Peugeot

Citroën Berlingo, C4, Jumpy
Fiat Scudo
Peugeot 3008, 307, 308, 5008, Expert, Partner

X-Ref: 3C0 145 828 K V42-0579


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