18.Sep 2017

Automatic transmission oil change with the Expert Kit+ V30-2254

How do you change the transmission oil including the filter in an automatic transmission? VAICO shows you an example of a Mercedes-Benz E 270 CDI T-MODEL (S210) from the year 2002 with 5-speed automatic transmission (722.6).

22.Août 2017

VAICO Antifreeze Tester

The VAICO antifreeze tester defines the density of liquids of up to 0.001 (thousandth part) gram difference with the help of suspended scales and hydrometers. Learn more about the functionality of our VAICO antifreeze tester in the video.

06.Juil 2017

VAICO Petrol Additive for petrol engines

The ingredients of the additive already occurs in small quantities in the fuel or the oils. Due to adding the additive, the quality of fuel and lubricants improves. Our VAICO experts recommend to use the additive especially for older vehicles. Learn more about the advantages of the VAICO petrol additive.

08.Août 2017

Water pumps for the most common applications

VAICO presents water pump highlights for the most common applications. Learn more about the symptoms, failure causes and consequential damages of a defective water pump.

29.Juin 2017

Wiper systems for korean vehicles

Exclusive for the european market: ACKOJAP wiper systems for korean vehicles include wiper linkages and wiper motors. The products are made in high OEM quality MADE MADE IN KOREA. Learn more about ACKOJAP wiper systems.

08.Juin 2017

Mounting for Engine-Transmission for the most common applications

Mountings for engine and transmission provide the only link between the driving unit and the car body. They bear the weight of the engine or the transmission and limit their movements during switching operations or load change. Moreover they absorb vibrations and prevent the engine and transmission from bucking. Learn more about VAICO mountings for engine and transmission.

13.Avr 2017

Joyeuses Pâques !

We wish you and your families a happy Easter weekend!

18.Déc 2016

Joyeuses fêtes !

VIEROL AG vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes !

24.Oct 2016

Nouveau : Expert Kits+

Les kits de réparation Expert Kits+ sont spécialement conçus pour les besoins de l'atelier, par des professionnels pour des professionnels.