23.Фев 2018

Tech Info:Timing Chain Kits

VAICO timing chains are made of metal alloy and therefore withstand any load. In addition to traction capacity and endurance strength, resistance to abrasion is one of the most important quality of our chains. Learn more about our products!

13.Фев 2018

Tech-Info crankcase breather hoses

VAICO presents the assortment crankcase breather hoses. Get t more about the symptoms, reasons for failure and consequential damages.

08.Фев 2018

Tech-Info: crankcase breather valves

Oil drops, fuel residues, water vapor and soot particles can lead to contamination of the engine‘ s gas-bearing components. Oil separators and valves clean the gases (blow by gases), so that they can recirculate in the combustion process, and thereby reduce the exhaust emissions during the combustion process. A faultless breather valve can prevent consequential damage.

30.Янв 2018

VAICO, your specialist in Air Control Systems

VAICO has a wide product range in the air control systems sector with over 2,000 products from intake manifolds to venting hoses for more than 13,000 different vehicle models. Get to know our VAICO range of air control systems!

19.Янв 2018

VEMO Complete Solution: Regulator, passenger compartment fan with repair set, harness

Discover VEMO's complete solution for controllers, indoor fans - available as practical Expert Kit+ with matching cable set or separately. This means that we offer the right spare parts for every repair case, tailored to your individual needs.

31.Дек 2017

Air Mass Sensor in OE-Quality

VEMO provides OE-Quality air mass sensors. They are produced by international OE manufacturers who directly or indirectly supply car manufacturers.

13.Апр 2017

с Па́схой!

We wish you and your families a happy Easter weekend!

18.Дек 2016

Счастливых праздников!

Компания VIEROL AG желает Вам счастливых праздников!

24.Окт 2016

Новинка: Expert Kits+

Expert Kits+ это конкретно разработанные ремонтные комплекты для автосервиса - от специалиста для специалиста.