10.Апр 2018

Tech-Info: Intake Manifold Modules

VAICO offers high-quality intake manifold modules for the most common applications. Our VAICO products are made of high quality PA6GF30 material which ensures excellent wear performance and high resistance to heat.

28.Фев 2018

VEMO explains: What is (cooled) exhaust gas recirculation?

Emission regulations are getting stricter and stricter and require from vehicles with combustion engine an better reduction of emissions. An exhaust gas recirculation system works exactly in this purpose. VEMO offers a wide range of more than 280 EGR valves and complete EGR modules. New products are constantly added to the range.

27.Фев 2018

Installation of a Control Valve, camshaft adjustment

Our VAICO Experts show you, step by step, how to change a Control Valve, camshaft adjustment. As an example: V10-3731 (03C 906 455 A) for Audi A1, VW Golf.

12.Апр 2018

New and available: Control Elements, Parking Brake Caliper

New at VEMO and in the category Expert Kits+: Control elements, parking brake caliper for the most common AUDI-VW and BMW applications.

06.Апр 2018

New to VAICO range: Timing belt covers

New to our range: VAICO's timing belt covers provide stable protection for the timing belt. The range covers the most common AUDI-VW and Ford applications and is constantly being expanded. Suitable for this purpose, VAICO offers numerous timing belt sets.

08.Мар 2018
13.Апр 2017

с Па́схой!

We wish you and your families a happy Easter weekend!

18.Дек 2016

Счастливых праздников!

Компания VIEROL AG желает Вам счастливых праздников!

24.Окт 2016

Новинка: Expert Kits+

Expert Kits+ это конкретно разработанные ремонтные комплекты для автосервиса - от специалиста для специалиста.