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05.Фев 2018

VAICO Crankcase ventilation

VAICO's experts explain how the crankcase ventilation works and which symptoms indicate a defect. The quality brand VAICO offers a wide range of oil separators and ventilation hoses - also available as a practical repair kit from the category Expert Kit+.

30.Янв 2018

VAICO, your specialist in Air Control Systems

VAICO has a wide product range in the air control systems sector with over 2,000 products from intake manifolds to venting hoses for more than 13,000 different vehicle models. Get to know our VAICO range of air control systems!

21.Фев 2017

Charger Intake Hoses for the most common vehicle applications

The range of VAICO charger intake hoses includes over 600 products, especially for European vehicles. All products are produced with quality materials, many of them according to OE. Accessories include holding clamps and seal rings.

30.Янв 2017

VAICO Oil traps for common vehicle models

Oil traps are an important component of the exhaust gas recirculation system. They clean the air to be recycled from oil drops, water vapour and soot. If these traps are not changed in a timely manner, tar-like deposits can damage the turbo-charger on diesel engines, and cause motor failures on petrol engines. VAICO offers 150 high-quality oil traps for the most common engines.

26.Янв 2017

Intake Manifold Module for AUDI-VW 2.7 and 3.0 TDI Engines

The quality brand VAICO complements the range of products by adding Intake Manifold Modules for AUDI-VW applications in high OEM quality. The scope of supply includes a seal, an adjustment lever and a screw set.

23.Ноя 2016

Valves for Camshaft Adjustment

Different driving situations lead to different requirements on the engine. The optimal performance and torque development is decisively determined by the camshaft control. The VAICO quality brand offers more than 200 different valves suitable for all the latest vehicle applications from AUDI-VW, BMW, KIA, TOYOTA and many other vehicle manufacturers.

31.Окт 2016

Coolant Flange for AUDI-VW

VAICO Cooling Flange for Audi-VW: Perfect fitting, suitable for many vehicles, new and available soon.